Sunday, August 8, 2010

North Boundary Trail: last day

I had another great night camping - I love carrying what I need on my back during the day and building a little home for the night at the end of the day. I like the rituals that I fall into to ensure that I stay safe and healthy.
I realized that I would be back in civilization again within a few hours and felt ready for it. I don't think I've gone 3 whole days without seeing another human being before and even though I'm comfortable by myself, I was looking forward to having a cruisy day running down from Robson as I knew the area would likely be free of any animals and if there was a problem, there would a ton of people who could assist. Even though it's fun being "out there alone" it's also quite edgy. I'm constantly on the lookout for wildlife, forever making lots of noise to give any bears the heads up that I'm running through, and am very conscious that I can't make any mistakes.
Being at Robson washed away all these concerns. I let my guard down, giggled out loud and enjoyed every minute of this beautiful area, quite happy to say hello to the numerous people that I met on the trail. I was down at the visitor centre by lunchtime and as I munched on my egg sandwich, I looked around at all the tourists and smiled .... if only they knew where I'd spent the last 3 days!
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  1. Yeeeeah, Brenda! OMG, did you get good weather. You were a lucky duck. Most of all, I'm thrilled that you did the North Boundary Trail in 4 days. 4 DAYS!! So awesome. I hope your adventure was all you had wanted it to be!!

  2. I just found your blog while searching for info on the NBT as I just fast packed it last weekend (fri-mon) in 4 days. Seems like you had a much easier time at it than I did! I found it very challenging on my legs... Nice job, you are one tough rig!

  3. Thanks Leslie! It was great being out in the sun.

    Stefan - welcome! Glad you liked the NBT. Have you done any other trips like this?