Wednesday, August 4, 2010

North Boundary Trail: Day 2

After a fairly good night's sleep and a hot breakfast, I started out for another adventurous day. I was starting to gain some elevation today and the trail was a little harder to run on; or maybe my legs were just tired!
My favourite part of the day was crossing Snake Indian Pass. It's just gorgeous up there.
I was tempted to camp up on the Pass as it felt beautiful to be in an open meadow with gorgeous mountains to look at but I fancied having a fire at night so decided to head to Byng Campground which happened to have a huge stock of dry firewood. I got in late afternoon and enjoyed having a few hours of hot sun to dry out all my sweaty clothes and I even took a small bath in the creek that ran next to the camp (no soap of course!) What a great day.
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