Thursday, March 26, 2009


I went back to work on Monday and even though it was very tiring, it felt good to be returning to normalcy! I also started to exercise again which makes me very happy as I have plans for big runs this summer and I'm excited to be able to start working towards those goals. I tried running the other day and managed to do about 25 minutes but my stomach still felt a tiny bit sensitive so I'll be careful with getting back to that. I kept reminding myself that I'm a Death Racer (finished the 125 km Canadian Death Race just less than 8 months ago). I've only been couch bound for the last 7 weeks but it's amazing how quickly I've lost my cardio. However, I'm going to have fun getting it back coz this girl has a lot of miles to run this summer!

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  1. You are a Death Racer. Which means you are tough as nails. Hang in there you will get going again.