Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tunnel Mountain

Yesterday evening was gorgeous; it's definitely feeling spring-like in Banff at the moment so Steve and myself made the most of it and hiked up Tunnel after work. It's only a few minutes from home and is a popular trail for locals and tourists. This is the view from the back side, looking onto Mount Rundell. Despite living here for 14 years, I'm still blown away on a daily basis by the beauty of the mountains. I went for a short run this morning and felt pretty good so am really excited to be getting going again. Yahoo!!!


  1. Aaaaaaah! Sweet Tunnel! The quick (but never easy) fix. I'm back on Sunday, I think it's time for a visit. Soon, you will be doing hill sets on tunnel...then again, I'm not sure that is something to look forward to?!?

  2. Wow, it must be amazing to live in the mountains - I'm jealous.