Thursday, March 5, 2009

Major versus Minor

The reality of having had major surgery 4 weeks ago is starting to sink in. The surgery was suppose to be minor with a 2-3 week recovery rate but that all changed once I was in there. I've got another 2 weeks off work to recuperate some more and then I should be able to go back to normal life but with various precautions attached such as no lifting heavy weights, get back into training slowly etc. All common sense stuff. I've got some big goals for this summer and am eager to "get back to it" so have been a little concerned about lack of time to train adequately for everything I want to do. Oh well, I'm just grateful that I'm usually a healthy person. Not being able to do all the things lately I sometimes take for granted, makes me appreciate how lucky we are. It also makes me realize how heavy a lot of the doors are to public buildings - how the heck do weak, old people manage to get them open because I can't!!

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