Monday, June 1, 2009


Deb and Laurie getting ready!

Mike and Lesley listening to Race Director, Lyle

My mate Jules and her friend Jane

What an amazing weekend; we had brilliant blue skies and hot sun! On Saturday I went to Nipika Lodge with my friend Mike to run the beautiful and challenging 25 km trail race, Crazy Soles. They've got some wicked single track trails out there that snake their way up and down The heat of the day and the dry environment definitely made it a bit more difficult. My heart rate was off the roof but I had a great day. I even won a prize at the end so that was a bonus. Lesley came along too for her very first race - she's so awesome, as she's only just started to trail run and this is definitely a tough course. Loads of local people were there too so it was lovely to catch up with everyone. They also offered a 3 km race for kids and a 10 km race for those who didn't want to do the full 25 km so it was a great event for the whole family! Nipika Lodge is an eco-lodge set amongst beautiful scenery in the Kootenay's and is run by Lyle and Dianne Wilson. This is also the site of the Nipika Loppet in the winter. Thanks Lyle and Dianne for all your hard work in putting on a fun race! Check out their website at


  1. Wow, that scenery looks amazing.

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  2. Sounds like the perfect day. I love the pics.