Thursday, May 28, 2009


The WS training camp is a blast! If you feel like spending 3 days running beautiful trails in sunny California amongst lovely people, then mark the Memorial weekend in your calendar for next year. Kudos to Greg, Tom and Donni plus all the volunteers for making it such a success. The course itself is really nice with lots of variety. Day 1 comprised of 51 km, a lot of it being downhill (with a couple of killer uphills) which absolutely hammers the quads and then on Day 2, you get to run 30.5 km on rolling terrain. Day 3 is a nice n' mellow 35 km with just enough downhills to make your tired, hammered quads s-c-r-e-a-m! Who would have thought that an uphill would look so appealing?!! The scenery is pretty and there's plenty of creeks to cool off in, plus the river in the bottom of the valley offers sweet relief on a hot day. What else can I tell you .... it was the best long weekend I've had in a long, long time doing my most favourite thing of all - trail running somewhere nice and warm! Plus we got to meet some AWESOME people out there. Good luck to everyone who is competing this year; I take my hat off to you. It's going to be one hell of a 102 mile course to run in one go!


  1. Hey Brenda it was great meeting you!!!

  2. It was lovely to meet you too Danni. I hope you're taking good care of yourself this month! I'll be thinking of you on the Big Day!!