Monday, April 18, 2011

Running photos from the Grand Canyon

This was our first visit to the Grand Canyon and I found it incredible. It's so big that it's almost overwhelming. It was exciting to get our first glimpse of the Colorado River, knowing that we'd be running all the way down there. Yay - downhill all the way!
This is a trail runners dream. And it's warm and dry - I can't tell you how lovely that felt after being buried in snow for the last 5 months.
The scenery reminded me of the old west - I was half expecting to see John Wayne out there.
What a great first day. We started on the South Kaibab Trail, ran down to the Colorado River and came back up on the Bright Angel Trail. It felt good knowing that we had another 4 days of hitting the trails.
Going down is optional, coming up is mandatory!

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