Monday, October 25, 2010

Plain of Six, Lake Louise

The last 3 weeks have been amazing here in the Rockies but the weather is changing. Knowing that Lake Louise would be nice n' quiet, it was the perfect day to run to the Plain of 6 teahouse and also add some extra mileage in for a nice 15 km loop. Lake Louise is still looking beautiful and turquoise!
This is Mirror Lake, already frozen.
Lake Louise in the distance
Mitre Peak, Mt Lefroy and part of Mt Victoria - en route to the Plain of Six


  1. Hi Brenda
    Just came across your blog. It was great to see your run report on the Plains of Six Glaciers. My husband an I ran there in August this year while on holidays from Aus. It would have to rate as one of our best trail runs ever. I had wondered what it would be like as the weather cools. Now I know. My report on the run is here:
    Thanks you again for your blog.

  2. Hey Corky! This trail will be thigh deep in snow soon and the lake will be completely frozen over. Brr! Looks like you had a great trip through Canada and the US; it was fun reading through your blog. I notice that you're racing the Kepler - that's on my wish list for maybe next time I go back to NZ. Good luck with it!
    Stay in touch