Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UTMB: race report (5)

UTMB was a joy, even with all the funky things going on. I came away from that race feeling like I'd experienced something very unique. I had quite a few reservations beforehand about the race because it's so big but I really loved it and found that the sheer size of the race is what makes it so special. And of course, the spectators are incredible - they give you so much energy when you're out there, especially late at night when you're starting to droop. To all the volunteers who make UTMB such a success, THANK YOU!! And to the race directors, local mayors, security, medics etc, THANK YOU!!

I got to run 119 km of the 166 km course with 2 race starts. I was wondering afterwards what it would be like to do the whole thing in one go, in 46 hours. I guess there's only one way to find out, and that's to go do it next year!


  1. The race seems so interesting and challenging. The event is tough and looks everyone is happy to it. Good post too.


  2. Thanks Amy! It's an amazing event - it's a bit like the Tour du France of the ultra world!