Monday, June 14, 2010

Exshaw Ridge

It was hard to believe that we were suppose to have hot, sunny weather this weekend as it had rained all week and was suppose to continue raining again on Monday. Having 2 sunny faces sandwiched in between the grey clouds on the weather forecast looked nothing more than a tease. However, they got it right! 2 days of super hot, super sunny weather, all happening on the weekend - how sweet is that!
Not wanting to miss a minute of being outside, Steve and myself decided to go exploring somewhere new so headed off to the hamlet of Exshaw which is down the road from Banff. Exshaw is known for its cement factories but if you head up the valley, you leave all that yukky stuff behind and head into some beautiful mountain scenery. Getting up onto Exshaw Ridge is a bit of a grunt, but the views are well worth it. And once on top, there's an adventurous ridge run across, before pounding your way back down into the valley. My quads felt pretty tender afterwards and were squealing as badly as my sunburnt shoulders!
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