Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Made it!

It's hard to believe, but it already seems like an eternity since I was in New Zealand! Funny how that happens once you return from holiday and get sucked back into "normal life". It was a good trip, fun to see family and I'm glad to say that I survived the Tarawera Ultra!

I haven't done a huge amount of mileage so far this year so was pleased to make it to the finishing line, even if it did take 14.40 hours to get there! Maybe the kiwi kilometer is longer than those in Canada?!!

Anyway, I'll try to put a race report together soon. Kudos to Paul Charteris and his merry band of volunteers for putting on such a great show! Thanks Paul.


  1. New Zealand must be beautiful. Would love to go sometime. I'm looking forward to your race recap!

  2. Excellent! Sounds like a fantastic adventure!