Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pipestone to Skoki

With the larches turning yellow, it was time to run into Skoki. We decided to make a day of it and run via the Pipestone (48 km) which is the same region where Mike and myself had been running on our Molar Pass day.
There are always creek crossings involved when we run with Steve - guaranteed! I can't start to explain how freezing cold the water felt but luckily there were no more than a half dozen of them!
The Skoki valley
The larch trees were so yellow, they almost looked neon.

The colour of this lake was amazing - I love turquoise! Even the sound of the colour is exotic.
Looks like a storm is coming - I hope everyone brought their rain jackets?!!!!!


  1. It is a toss up about which one of us lives in the best place on earth.

    Love the pics!!

  2. Hey Evan!
    I haven't been to Alaska yet so I can't say, but it sure looks beautiful from the photos.

    Stephanie: great to hear from you. I used to follow your blog when you were in New York. Sounds like you're setting into your new home nicely. Good luck with all the fire fighting stuff - that's a tough crowd to get into.